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New SACT portal - Launched June 2018

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SACT Guidance

pdf SACTv3 revised dataset launch and ongoing monitoring

SACTv3: Confirmation of readiness to start uploading

Latest Regimen List available through TRUD

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pdf SACT escalation guide for non-compliance


pdf SACT CancerStats reports and update schedule

New data standard Resources

Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Final

pdf DCB1533 SACT - User Guide

pdf DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide


Help Desk


New Helpdesk Telephone:

01865 458350

Guides and support for data providers


SACT dataset documentation and resources


The latest version of the SACT dataset, SACT v3, launched in September 2019. Further information on SACT v3 is available through the resources below: 


Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Final

pdf DCB1533 SACT - User Guide v3.0.2 updated version (replaced 5/12/2019)

pdf DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide

Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Header row

pdf SACT_Dataset_v3.0 - Internal pre-upload Checklist

The current version of the dataset (SACT v3) includes updated SACT data 'outcomes' fields. We have developed further guidance that aims to support clinicians to complete these new fields.The following documents can be used to support the assessment of whether a patient benefitted from non-curative treatment and harmonise interpretation across trusts:

pdf Guidance for assessing 'non-curative treatment benefit' in the SACT dataset

pdf One-pager guidance for assessing 'non-curative treatment benefit' in the SACT dataset

The outcomes upload

The outcomes upload launched in September 2019 alongside SACT v3. Further information is provided in the documents below:

 pdf SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - introduction

 pdf SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - specification

 pdf SACT v3.0 outcomes FAQs

 Excel SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - example


SACTv2 documentation

pdf SACT User Guidance 2014

Further v2 documents are available on request. 


The SACT data submission portal

The following guidance can be used to access the portal and upload SACT data submissions:

 pdf   Step-by-step guide (new portal)

 pdf   How to register for SACT portal (new portal)

 pdf   Step-by-step guide to correcting SACT portal upload errors (new portal)


The SACT upload schedule

Trusts must upload SACT data using the 2 month schedule as shown below.

pdf   Upload calendar for new SACT portal - 2 months (formally called 6 week schedule) (new portal)


SACT escalation process 

The following document describes the standard escalation process that will be adopted for trusts who repeatedly fail to comply with the requirements for SACT data submission. 

pdf SACT escalation guide for non-compliance


Data Liaison for the SACT dataset

Our data liaison team visit trusts to provide in depth support with any issues around submitting data and to support improvements in data quality and completeness. 

There are three data liaison officers for the SACT dataset; Prisclica Thiruchelvam, Hayley Perry and Danielle Fleet.

If you are interested in speaking to one of the liaison team then please contact and they'll get back to you.


SACT newsletter

The SACT newsletter provides updates on recent developments with the SACT dataset.

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Training for NHS Trusts and associated hospitals

The training slides below were developed using our experiences during our trust visits, and the needs for information that we identified. We intend to release an updated version of this resource spring 2021.

Powerpoint Training slide pack