Welcome to the SACT Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset website

The SACT dataset collects systemic anti-cancer therapy activity from all NHS England providers. It is a mandatory collection and the world’s first comprehensive database, allowing us to understand treatment patterns and outcomes on a national scale.

This website contains the latest information and support available from the SACT team.


 Notice of new SACT dataset publication

 The SACT dataset is an NHS agreed mandated standard, and as part of that standard it needs to be reviewed.

 Public Health England has been reviewing the SACT dataset to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

The dataset review has now completed the required process and the new SACT dataset standard has been published by NHS digital.

 DCB1533: Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Data Set


 The current schedule overview is available here

 pdf SACT v3 - schedule overview

 The revised data set SACT v3.0 is expected to be submitted using the following timetable:




Phase 1 - Implementation Period

06-12-2018 to 31-08-2019

the development lead times of software suppliers and in-house developers to make changes to systems to reflect requirements and align with conformance criteria

Phase 2 - Data Collection Period

01-09-2019 to 30-11-2019

allows for a 3 month period where data can be submitted in accordance with either SACT v2.0 or v3.0 formats

Phase 3 - Full Conformance

01-12-2019 onwards

requires full conformance, using only SACT data set v3.0 format



 Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Final

 DCB1533 SACT - User Guide

 pdf DCB1533 SACT - User Guide

 DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide

 pdf DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide

 SACT_Dataset_v3.0 - Standard header row

 Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Header row

  SACT_Dataset_v3.0 - Pre-upload Checklist

 pdf SACT_Dataset_v3.0 - Pre-upload Checklist


 The implentation guide can be found on the NHS digital website.

 DCB1533: Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Data Set

 The Implementation process for the new dataset standard will be supported by the SACT data liaison team.

 User group roadshow events will be available in 2019. 


 Outcomes upload

 The SACT outcomes upload will be launched September 2019 to coincide with the revised dataset

 pdf SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - introduction

 pdf SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - specification

 pdf SACT v3.0 outcomes FAQs

 Excel SACTv3.0 outcomes upload - example



 Please continue to check our website as more information and resources will be added regularly



Useful links

To upload data to the new SACT portal (to upload data / map regimens) (accessible to registered users - see below)

SACT portal graphic

To register for the new SACT portal  (accessible to users with an NHS net mail account)

CancerStats1 portal registration page

To register and access SACT reports (accessible to users with an NHS net mail account)

CancerStats2 Logon

Data Quality and Completeness reports are still available upon request sact@phe.gov.uk for data submitted on the old portal to May 2018.

The SACT team are currently rebuilding these reports on CancerStats for data submitted through the new portal.


New Portal Guidance

pdf   A guide to the new SACT data submission portal and processes - June 2018