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SACT Guidance

pdf SACTv3 revised dataset launch and ongoing monitoring

SACTv3: Confirmation of readiness to start uploading

Latest Regimen List available through TRUD

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pdf SACT escalation guide for non-compliance


pdf SACT CancerStats reports and update schedule

New data standard Resources

Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Final

pdf DCB1533 SACT - User Guide

pdf DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide


Help Desk


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Frequently Asked Questions

 We have produced the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents, to help data users at NHS provider trusts submit their SACT data uploads.

All FAQ documents should be used in conjunction with their corresponding User Guidance documents.


Dataset version 3.0 (New) - Frequently asked questions

This FAQ document and Logic document are part of a suite of documents to help users better understand the new dataset version 3.0 and to provide answers to any anticipated questions.

 pdfDownload the Dataset version 3.0 (New) - FAQ

 pdfDownload the Dataset version 3.0 (New) - Addendum  -  Deadline FAQ

 pdfDownload the Dataset version 3.0 (New) - Addendum  - Treatment intent FAQ


Dataset version 3.0 (New) - Logic Document

 pdfDownload the Dataset version 3.0 - Logic


SACT v3.0 outcomes FAQs

 pdfDownload the SACT v3.0 outcomes FAQs


Cancer Drugs Fund - Frequently asked questions

This FAQ document explains how SACT data are collected, monitored and analysed to support CDF treatment evaluations.

pdfDownload the Cancer Drugs Fund - FAQ


Dataset version 2.0 (previous) - Frequently asked questions

This FAQ document covers SACT in general as well as any frequently questions that have arisen from the previous SACT dataset version 2.0.

 pdfDownload the Dataset version 2.0 (Current) - FAQ - Revised August 2018



If you have a question concerning the SACT dataset or this implementation for which there is no published answer, please email the SACT helpdesk at and enter FAQ in the subject field.