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New SACT portal - Launched June 2018

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SACT Guidance

pdf SACTv3 revised dataset launch and ongoing monitoring

SACTv3: Confirmation of readiness to start uploading

Latest Regimen List available through TRUD

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pdf SACT escalation guide for non-compliance


pdf SACT CancerStats reports and update schedule

New data standard Resources

Excel SACT_Dataset_v3.0_Final

pdf DCB1533 SACT - User Guide

pdf DCB1533 SACT - Technical Guide


Help Desk


New Helpdesk Telephone:

01865 458350

The SACT team


Senior Leadership    
Dr Martine Bomb - Head of Data Projects
Dr Katherine Henson - Partnership Anaytical Lead 
Helen Hill Programme Manager
Helpdesk team    
Wayne Brown - Senior Project Manager
Anthony Olomofe - Operations Manager
Faith Nhemachena - Data Manager
Hannah Broster - CDF Data Manager
Steven Potter - Database Specialist
Stakeholder Engagement Team    
Nicola Wood - Impact & Communications Manager
Osa Adeghe - SACT Project Manager
Prisclica Thiruchelvam - Data Liaison Officer (London & South)
Recruiting - Data Liaison Officer (Midlands & East)
Recruiting - Data Liaison Officer (North)
Analysis Team    
Sarah Lawton - Principle Analyst
Louise Miller - Business Intelligence Manager
Jack Anderson - Senior Partnership Analyst
Tracey Genus - Senior Partnership Analyst
Rosalind Goudie - Senior Partnership Analyst
Recruiting - Partnership Analyst
Michael Baser - Partnership Analyst
Recruiting - Partnership Analyst


Team lead bios

Dr Martine Bomb, Head of Data Projects

Wayne Brown, Senior Project Manager