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What is the SACT dataset?

The SACT dataset collects information on the use of systemic-anti cancer therapies across all NHS England trusts. Systemic anti-cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, have been provided in the NHS for decades but no national recording of treatment has previously existed. SACT treatments are increasingly successful but are ever more complex and expensive. Accurate, timely and complete data collection to support optimal use is a priority. The SACT dataset is a unique tool capturing this information on a national scale.


What does the SACT dataset offer?

SACT is an important initiative with a wide range of benefits. It has been designed to:

- provide a clear picture of patterns of systemic anti-cancer therapy use across England

- support patients and their clinical teams in choosing appropriate treatments and care to improve outcomes

- understand resources required for service provision and support commissioning decisions

- link to other data sources, to provide a complete picture of the cancer patient pathway


What is included in the SACT dataset?

SACT contains 43 dataset items which cover:

  • Patient and tumour characteristics
  • Trust and consultant details
  • Treatment characteristics including drug names and drug combinations (regimens)
  • Outcome fields

SACT Information is reported by NHS trusts on the treatment of all patients with cancer

  • Adult and paediatric
  • Acute inpatient, outpatient and  community settings.
  • Solid and haematological malignancies
  • Patients in clinical trials

SACT is a mandatory dataset which must be submitted by all NHS providers prescribing systemic-anti cancer therapies in England.


Who runs the SACT dataset?

The SACT dataset is collected by the SACT Team within the National Cancer Registry and Analysis Service (NCRAS) at Public Health England.

The SACT team are the central collation point for all data submissions in England, and are responsible for management and quality assurance of the data and for providing support to submitting trusts.

Along with the wider NCRAS teams, the SACT team provide an analytical function to make clinically approved reports using SACT data available to key stakeholders.

The team are based in Public Health England offices across England, with the main base in London.


SACT in the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service

SACT is a part of the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) at Public Health England.  NCRAS collects patient-identifiable data, such as SACT, from across England. This is made possible by legal permission granted to Public Health England. There are strict and careful controls ensuring that the data can only be used to inform improvements in patient care.

More information on cancer registration is available from the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service